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This is it, folks! The definitive follow-up to the PC Game of the Year is comming soon!
Alot has happened since the last site update. Team O:M has become Team O.M.C. This is because we have taken on a new & better mod assignment. Team Counterfeit recently abandoned their developments on their mod called... well, Counterfeit! LOL. Team OMC (stands for Operation Machina Counterfeit) will be working on the mod & completing it for final release. Some modifications will be made to the game & storyline, such as the addition of more maps, our promise of weapons from Minty's Mod (I hope I still have your permission, Minty!), character swapping, etc. But I assure you, we will NEVER sacrifice quality of a game. If anything, we will only add more to INCREASE quality of the game. Explore the rest of our homepage to learn more about OMC!
Operation: Machina website created.

Members Fuzion, fillip_123, & Josh Masters joined the team's development unit.

Member Shiester_Miester joined the development unit.

Team O:M is now Team OMC. All previous members listed have lost contact with the team & have been removed. Everything starts over. As of now there are only two people currently on the team list: Jim "Scifitechguy" Frazee (That's me!) & Brian Siano.
Evil's Shadow
This desktop picture was made by Gheorghe Calin. I just love it! Stop by Planet Deus Ex & download it for yourself!

Questions? Comments?
Wanna join the fold & help me make OMC a reality & possible future success? Or just wanna send your regards & support to me? Whatever the reason, my email address link is below.
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Cool Pics double as wallpaper!
The pics on the right not only look good, but they double as desktop wallpaper, too! But you probably already knew that by now....

JC Denton, Conspiracy Buster
The man himself, JC Denton. He's saved the world from the threat of Majestic 12. Now he gets to save the world again in Deus Ex-OMC. Once again as Denton, you must fight to put an end to the evil conspiracies, for now at least....

Deus Ex is the official property of Ion Storm & Eidos Interactive. Deus Ex-OMC is a trademark & property of Jim Frazee, Ion Storm, & Eidos Interactive. OMC is freeware. You do not have to pay for it & you may distribute it as you please, but game players may not modify it in any way. Copyright (c)2002 Jim Frazee & Associates.